Soahm Realestate
Our Joint Ventures

At Soham, we were witness to the evolution of the real estate sector around us over the last 30 years. While studying the changing needs and expectations of our customers, we saw an opportunity in creating a new business model for ourselves suitably aligned to the development cycle and investment dynamics of the sector which, in turn, would propel our vision to provide the best real estate options for the diverse set of consumers with their distinctive needs. Soham’s aim is to focus on delivering lavish spaces for the luxury segment that will bring in superior living experiences for the discerning customer. Our Joint Ventures (JV) help us achieve that.

Each JV has been formulated with a view to bring in a new set of expertise and a
unique asset (land, capital or management) to the project company.

Aanya Real Estate

The Aanya JV brings foreign investment, development expertise and best international practices

Luxora Real Estate

Luxora brings in local PE investors.

Triniity Group

Triniity is focused to deliver boutique projects and create new benchmarks in the realm of luxury living. With collective experiences of the group that add up to more than 3 decades, the group boasts of expertise in conceptualizing, executing and delivering bespoke luxury homes.