Soahm Realestate


A legacy in brick and mortar

Welcome to a legacy, that marked the beginning of an era in Thane’s real estate journey. A journey that blazed new trails across numerous neighborhoods, a journey that transformed lifestyles for thousands of families and a journey that created wealth for a community of investors who would still rate us as one of their most secure investment avenues. This was possible purely because of the foresight Soham had in identifying the tremendous potential that Thane offered. This foresight laid the foundation for us to build technologically advanced projects, rooted in a strong philosophy of space design that coupled with a rewarding home buying experience, made a Soham home the preferred choice for many.

The birth of a legacy-Soham
1981 to 1985
1986 to 1990
1991 to 1995
1986 to 1990
1996 to 2000
2001 to 2005
2006 to 2010
2011 to Present
2006 to 2010